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2. CIGRE Macedonia Conference

Struga, September 23-25, 1998

105 technical/scientific papers and 11 information papers were accepted for presentation at the 2. MAKO CIGRE Conference.

SC Reports/Papers

All the documents are in Macedonian

I Section

  • SC11 Rotating Machines
  • SC12 Transformers
  • SC13 High Voltage Equipment
  • SC15 Material for Electrotechnology

II Section

  • SC21 HV Insulated Cables
  • SC22 Overhead Lines
  • SC23 Substations

III Section

  • SC31 Distribution Systems
  • SC33 PS Insulation Coordination
  • SC34 PS Protection and Local Control
  • SC36 PS Electromagnetic Compatibitlity
  • SC37 PS Planning and Development
  • SC38 PS Analisys and Techniques
  • SC39 PS Operation and Control