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The e-payment system allows you to securely and efficiently pay membership fees and conference fees.
MAKO CIGRE accepts the following credit/debit cards: VISA/VISA Electron, MasterCard and Maestro.

MAKO CIGRE membership dues and conference fees can be paid only through our e-payments system that gives you several benefits:

  • no bank fees or charges,
  • saves you time (quick and efficient order, and fast and simple payment),
  • activation of paid services the moment the transaction is approved, and
  • in many cases, significant discounts.

To make an order and payment please follow the link Payment order. To view your past orders please follow the link Orders.

If you need more information please write us at ecommerce.

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You can use the e-payment system only if you login at the web portal with your username!
If you are not registerd user at the MAKO CIGRE web portal please register first!