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Student stipends and awards

Guided by the premise that future generations are always better, MAKO CIGRE has been supporting the students from power engineering study programs at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and IT in Skopje (FEEIT) and Faculty of Technical Sciences in Bitola (FTSB) for more than ten years.

MAKO CIGRE grants scholarships for the best students enrolled in the first academic year on the following power engineering study programs: Power engineering and renewable energy sources (RES), Power engineering and management and Power systems on FEEIT and Power systems and RES on FTSB.
Also, MAKO CIGRE awards the best graduated students from the study programs mentioned above.

Over the past ten years, 36 graduated students, with highest average mark in their generation, were awarded, and 22 students have received scholarship. Awarded students and students with scholarship.
Starting from academic year 2021/2022 MAKO CIGRE will also provide scholarships for students in the second year of studies on the mentioned departments on FEEIT and FTSB.

Announcement for scholarships for the academic year 2021/2022

MAKO CIGRE announces a competition for granting one year scholarship for students in the second year of studies on the power engineering departments on FEEIT and FTSB.
Every student enrolled in the fourth semester has the right to apply for the scholarship, and scholarships will be granted according to the rules and criteria published in Rulebook for scholarships and awards for students.

The number of scholarships and awards is determined with the decision of the Executive board of MAKO CIGRE.

The process of application for the scholarships is organized online, please follow the link, and the deadline for applications is given on the bottom of this page.

The applicants will be informed about the results with an announcement according to the deadlines provided in the Rulebook.

MAKO CIGRE has the right not to take into account incomplete applications nor applications without valid documents.

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