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MAKO CIGRE (MAKO CIGRE, NATIONAL COMMITTEE OF NORTH MACEDONIA IN CIGRE) is a not for profit association of engineers and technicians, and admitted as a full member of CIGRE in 1996.

MAKO CIGRE is one of the founding members of the South East Europe Region of CIGRE (SEERC), established in 2013 in Budva, Montenegro.

MAKO CIGRE was established to:

  • monitor and promote the development of professional and scientific knowledge in the field of generation, transmission and distribution of electricity by studying the issues of power system planning, development and operation. MAKO CIGRE’s focus of interest are issues about power systems protection, telecommunication equipment, remote control etc.;
  • develop and promote the exchange of engineering knowledge and information of narrower areas of their work between the engineering staff and technicians in our country;
  • to encourage and cooperate in the professional qualification of its members.

Those goals are achieved through:

  • organizing professional meetings, conferences, symposiums, colloquiums, seminars, etc.;
  • participation in the work of CIGRE, as a national committee, and making the results from this work available to its members;
  • development and promotion of information exchanges by publication of materials and recommendations from its professional events;
  • publishing and helping to publish scientific publications of its work domain.