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Individual members

In the Members section you can find all information related to membership in MAKO CIGRE: membership directory, information regarding membership fees, change of contact details, etc.

The web portal integrates the Membership Registar and the users' database and you only need to login at the web portal with your credentials (username or e-mail address and password), and the system will automatically recognize the members and will allow them to access content that is not avaiable to users.

Recognizing the digital era we are living in, and to save a tree or two, MAKO CIGRE will comunicate with its members only by e-mail or through this web portal. Therefore, it is necessary to have your contact details (e-mail address) up to date!

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Payment instructions

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How to become a member

Individual member of MAKO CIGRE can be any Republic of Macedonia or foreign citizen who professionaly work in the fields of activities of MAKO CIGRE.

Individuals who want to become members must fill the Membership Application Form and pay the membership fee, set by the Executive Board of MAKO CIGRE. Both conditions must be met in order the person to become a MAKO CIGRE member.

How to renew your membership

Members who left MAKO CIGRE because the had not paid a membership fee may renew their memberhip. In addition, they have to pay past membership dues, but no more than for two years (Art. 34 of MAKO CIGRE Bylaws).

Membership Registar

MAKO CIGRE keeps and maintains a Membership Registar that contains the infomation from the Application Form, the membership number, the date when the member applied, as well as information about paid membership fees, for every member.
All information in the Registar are considered confidential, and only the name and the last of the member are publicly available, but only to MAKO CIGRE members.

The record in the Registar for a member will be deleted if the member decides to cancel his/her membership and informs the Executive Board about the decision, or if the memberhip is revoked by the Executive Board.
If a member fails to pay the membership fee by the deadline prescribed in the By-Laws, it will be considered as if the member has canceled the membership willfully.

Membership Fees

The membership fee for individual members is 700 MKD (MAKO CIGRE Executive Board Decision 124/3-2017), and is due by Dec 31 for the following calendar year.

Membership in Study Committees

According to the MAKO CIGRE's ByLaws and Rules for Study Committees, members of the Association have the right to be elected and take part in the work and activities of Study Committees in MAKO CIGRE.
If you would like to join one ore more SC, please visit the page SC members where you can fill the application for membership in SC.

Collective members