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Video conferencing

In pandemic crisis, or in cases with restricted gathering, MAKO CIGRE meetings or other events may be organized online with video conferencing.
For video conferencing MAKO CIGRE will use ZOOM platform.

Connecting to a ZOOM meeting

You can participate to MAKO CIGRE online events using desktop/laptop computer (Windows/Linux/iOS), tablet (Android/iPad) or smart phone (Android/iPhone).
Applications for tablets and phones have limited capabilites compared to computer ones, we recomend using a computer.
If you use a computer to connect to ZOOM, the connection can be made from your browser (Firefox, Chrome, Edge, etc.), for better experience we recomend the use the ZOOM application instead.
You can download the ZOOM client for meeting at the following address.

Detailed instructions how to join the meeting/event will be sent to you in an e-mail message, or will be posted on the MAKO CIGRE web portal.
For greater security only authenticated ZOOM users may participates in meetings.

Attendees with voting rights (MAKO CIGRE members)

In order to determine the required quorum for the metting, MAKO CIGRE members must sign in to ZOOM with the e-mail address used for registration at the MAKO CIGRE web portal, or the address to which the invitation for the event has been sent.

Registering ZOOM account

Registering a ZOOM account is free, and it will not take more than couple of minutes.
If you already have ZOOM account with an e-mail address different from the e-mail address you had used to register at MAKO CIGRE web portal you can change the e-mail address at our web portal using the following link Edit user data.

Joining a meeting

For events that is not necessary to determine the qulified majority, joining the meeting may be without ZOOM authentication.
However, if necessary, for certain meetings, in addition to ZOOM authentication, password may be required, and that password will be sent to you in the invitaion, toghether with the other instructions how to join.
The instructions how to join will include a link in a form either of the two forms:, or Meeting ID: XXX YYYY ZZZZ
To join the meeting copy the link (or meeting ID) and paste it in the ZOOM application.