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Study Tours

In 2014 MAKO CIGRE celebrates 20 years since it was established. Among the many activities, MAKO CIGRE for its members, will organize several one-day study tours for visits to power system facilities like PV and hydro power planst, wind farm etc.

The list of facilities that will be visited is presented below, and it will be amended as soon as new information is avialable. MAKO CIGRE members will be notified in advance about the changes.

MAKO CIGRE will provide bus transportation and lunch for each visit.

The study tours are strictly for MAKO CIGRE memmbers.
Members may register for the visits by loging on to MAKO CIGRE web portral with your username and password where you can confirm your attendance.

Photo Galleries

  Tour Date Sponsors
1 PV Power Plants 2014-04-30

2 SHPP "Selečka Reka" 2014-06-23
3 Wind Farm "Bogdanci" 2014-09-03
4 Picnic Lazaropole 2014-09-14
5 HPP "Matka" 2014-10-02
6 Biogas TPP "ElektroSharri" 2014-11-14
7 Transformer service facility "Rade Končar" 2014-12-16
8 Picnic Lazaropole 2016-09-??
9 Museum HPP "Matka" 2016-11-25