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Pannel Discussion:
Distributed Generation in the Republic of Macedonia -
Current Situation and Perspectives

MAKO CIGRE and Technical Faculty - Bitola, as part of the events for celebrating 20 years of establishing MAKO CIGRE, organized the panel discussion “Distributed generation in Republic of Macedonia - current situation and perspectives”.

The panel discussion took place on 6 November 2014 at the Technical Faculty of Bitola.

Moderator of the discussion was Professor Nikolče Acevski from the Technical Faculty – Bitola. Keynote speakers were distinguished experts from Macedonia:

  • Dimitar Dimitrov, president of STC C6 of MAKO CIGRE,
  • Anastasija Stefanovska and Renata Dukoska, Energy Regulatory Commission,
  • Oliver Mirčevski, EVN Macedonia
  • Denko Rafajlovski, MEPSO - Market Operator

Keynote speakers presented a short overview of their experiences and expectations regarding the technical, regulative and economic aspects of the implementation of distributed generation in Republic of Macedonia. Following the introductory part was the discussion with the audience.
Following the introduction, the audience may participate with their remarks and questions for the key note speakers..

The panel discussion was attended by MAKO CIGRE members, representatives of the industry and various institutions, and TFB staff and students .

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